Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wanted: Personal Trainer Guelph Ontario

I have MS, I'm taking physio therapy and Tai Chi. It's not enough! I want to Walk!
Wanted: Personal Trainer
Can you design a training plan for me based on the evolution of muscle groups over several million years?

For example this following is probably the correct sequence:
Epaxials (700 million)
Hypacials (500 million)
Rotator (375 million)
Pecs (350 million)
Abs (200 million)
Quads (Lateralis) (150 million)
Calves (100 million)
Quads (Medialis) (50 million)
Glutes (20 million)
Lats (4 million)
Traps (2 million)

My objective is to have a 60 minute set of muscle activation exercises that I can do every day.

Ideally I would like the exercises to be performed barefoot on a somewhat irregularly inclined surface. I think this would help in activation.

Is this a project that interests you?
What would you charge?
What documentation/charts/handouts would you provide to support this?