Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DIY Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis gummies are also extremely easy to make at home. You can easily tailor them to your individual needs by choosing flavors, cannabis strains, and by adding those additional vitamins and minerals. Make your dummies according to the strength and size you desire in order to provide yourself with appropriately dosed portions. Personally, I love to make my gummy edibles with high CBD content Sentinel (Cannatonic) and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis gummy edibles are a refreshing summer treat and super easy to mix up at home!
Gummy Ingredients

2 cups of juice or liquid of choice
1/2 cup grass fed gelatin
24 drops of tincture - I recommend Moxie Meds 4:1 tincture for high CBD dummies
add sweetener to taste - I recommend honey or stevia

Warm liquid and sweetener to a simmer on the stove top
Pull liquid off the heat and mix in gelatin by whisking or blending
Stir in your tincture
Pour mixture into molds and allow to set in the fridge until firm
Recipe Notes

You can choose any liquid depending on your preference. Green juice or some other kind of fruit and vegetable juice are great choices for a nutritious boost or, if you would like to add probiotics to your gummies, kombucha can also be used as a base for the gummy treats.

You can also dust your gummies with sugar

It's important to note that gelatin comes in many shapes and forms and not all gelatins are created equal. Though all gelatin types will work for the recipe, if you would like the added nutritious benefits that gelatin can provide, than grass-fed gelatin is the best choice. Also, we chose to use 24 drops of tincture, because the recipe makes roughly 24 servings, but you can adjust the amount of tincture based on the size of your molds and the strength of your tincture.
Find a Mold

There are a lot of great molds out there, ranging from hearts and stars to classic gummy bear molds. Here are some great classic gummy bear molds and here is an option for some more simple circle shaped molds.