Thursday, June 15, 2017

Psychonautical Adventures

Sojourn at the Astrals

I am Narikya. Chaotic, free spirited, open minded, adventurer, psychonaut.

This blog is an archive of my recorded trip reports. I will describe in detail my experiences in altered states of consciousness using different substances. Directly resulting mind expanding insights will be included.
My posts will often include the point of view of my beloved companion to life, Astri, as I trip with him more often than not.

Modafinil #2-4 + Cannabis

Woke up at 12:30 after 10 hours of sleep.

1am – I took 100 mg Modafinil. I was hoping to not take the second half of the pill.
After an hour an a half (2:30pm) of hardly feeling any effect, I took the second half (100 mg).

I came to realize that my eye inflammatory that showed up three days ago (a day after my first Modafinil experience), is probably the result of the histamine increase that the Modafinil causes, for it was long diagnosed as an allergy. It was a repeated chronic issue for a couple of years until it disappeared in the last six months or so only to return now.

The #2 experience:
I did not feel as positive as I did on the first time, instead I felt like my negative feeling is simply held from pulling me deeper into a sense of complete helplessness and depression.
I didn’t feel energized, possibly slightly less tired.
I did not feel motivated, I did not feel efficient or accurate.
I felt a little more focused than usual, but not nearly as much as I did on the first time.
The appetite was gone as on my first time, and returned only at 8pm.
The strong feeling I had in my chest on my first experience did not appear this time, or extremely and for a really short period of time.

I must be extremely tolerant to this, so I will probably have to space my Modafinil usage even more, sadly.

I haven’t suffered any side effects this time (other than the lack of appetite which I actually find positive).

Cannabis –
I vaped Cannabis at the late evening, and this pretty much made whatever effect the Modafinil may have still had- wear off completely.
The Cannabis high did not feel particularly different.
Sleep came easily, and so I decided to embrace the Cannabis consumption at the end of Modafinil days in order to enable me to fall asleep without any difficulty.

The #3 experience | 23.3.2016:
I prolonged my time without Modafinil to 6 days, again, taking 200 mg divided to 2 doses with about an hour and a half between them.
It was more effective than the 2# time, but still significantly less effective than the first time.
Again there were no signs of any side effects other than the lack of appetite. The odd feeling in the chest only occurred on my first usage.
Cannabis at the end of the day again made it easy for me to fall asleep.

The #3 experience | 23.3.2016:
9 days later I took 200 mg of Modafinil without dividing it, and the level of effect was between the last time and the first time.
Same experience as my 3# just with more effect of the Modafinil.
I really wish to achieve what I did on my first usage, but I hope I don’t have to go for more than 2 weeks without Modafinil for its effect to maximize; otherwise I may prefer to settle for not as strong an effect for a more frequent use, because I also feel more obligated to try harder to be productive, it would be a petty if I can only reach such a state of mind only once every 3 weeks.