Saturday, May 6, 2017

Recovery News: Health Crisis

Latest update

  I'm exhausted.  Thank God I'm where I am being treated like a princess.  I have a new nurse since yesterday.  I asked if he was my birthday gift or my nurse, and did he bring his own music?   He brought music today, so we're getting along just fine.
  I've been impressed by the level of care I'm receiving and the physio, OMG! They had me doing stairs yesterday, it's been 2 years since I could do that!
  I've spent some time speaking with the nurses ( not just making inappropriate sexual comments),  and what they say is the world is in a medical crisis right now.  Populations are aging, everywhere, and the elderly are not doing well.
  There was a woman that just died, waiting for treatment in an emergency room hallway, this week in Canada.
  I think it was Nurses that jumped in to get me into this program, which is mostly stroke victims, and they are not doing well.  The nurses are saying they are making an effort to save the young right now ( they think I'm young, how sweet is that?).
  So here is the advice I'm hearing.  Protect your mental health, and your physical body.  If you haven't started, Do that NOW!

These problems are world wide, the crisis is now, and we were wrong about what it was.  Remember me speaking about the robot nurses the are making in Japan? This is why.