Friday, February 10, 2017

This world is Darkness and Chaos now

If you notice when you walk by a bird it doesn't just stick around to see if you are a nice human or animal it flies away because if its wrong, which in most cases it will be, it will lose its life.

So from that you should know the world is naturally negative, as one of the poles must be negative and the other positive it naturally hits the pendulum in the direction of fear. What this causes is an entire world of numerous fearful uptight backbiting ungrateful jealous citizens which is all a part of the fear game.
Now its also true there are other forms that as we eat food need to eat the bursts of energy that come from emotional scenarios. They are constantly on the prowl for causing such things and enlisting others to take part. What this equals pretty much is betrayal and animosity from unbalanced subjects. You can try to assist them all you wish but you must begin to choose what level you do that on because you have so many people on their daily rollercoaster just looking to collide with you to cause an emotional event to feed something that is slightly out of their visual spectrum. a.k.a Trolling
Once learning this, and I have done so the hard way since I'm always trying to assist people, one needs to make the proper adjustments especially as time continues and people sell all the real estate in their mind to Hollywood, Media, and Politics which use programming codes that are not so obvious to cause dissension amongst those close to you. Many people are basically losing it and only they can stop it for themselves someone cannot stop it for them, if they are unable to do that this creates a rage against others around them, their children, their teachers, their parents, any person around them that cares and lends them energy via advice and true love which is admonition. They will attempt to suck those people dry via events they will cause in their efforts to enlist a reaction in order to feed something they cannot see, have ignored, and imagine is themselves since they no longer know who they truly are. They become much more familiar with the programmed version of themselves that they boot up everyday in their curated life on the internet and social media.
So thats whats happening and since I have assisted so many I have now a long line of people at this very moment just trying to tear me down as if it would have some effect. They missed that I’ve instructed myself over lifetimes and also others on this plane for 7 years tight publicly. Common sense should tell them that I’m impervious to their schemes but alas common sense is not common any they will only see me through their own foggy cracked lenses that I’ve worked tirelessly to mend and polish for them. Be warned, those who have not followed wholesome advice and have rejected me as if these higher truths are my invention are in the process of self destruction. Like a suicide bomber they have a tendency to hurt others around them with the seething projectiles they spew from their mouths. Truth is nobodies invention it just is, thats why it stands when we do not have the strength to continue. I stand in Truth so I will continue even if there is only one listening, myself, as it was in the beginning so it will be in the end. Thats how I created my own continuum and you can to. Wholeness to my family, this who stand in honor and truth and are not wavered by petty distractions and false judgments. To all you trolls though Mordor awaits.