Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Terraist Files

Coming Soon:
Who is Tracey Kennedy?

Tracey lives on the last street, in the last apartment building, on the last corner in Manhattan, on 218th Street. She has lived in Inwood, by Washington Heights, for her whole life. Tracey believes that nuclear experimentation is destroying the atmosphere, causing global warming, negatively impacting the health of life on the entire planet and because of what she knows, because of who she is, and who she knows, she thinks she may by the Earth's last chance.
The Terraist Files is the funniest and most provocative political satire of 2016 on the most serious subject matter; that of nuclear experimentation. Might be considered blasphemous by some, delusional by others, a hilarious metaphor by those with a finer sensibility of rhetorical humor, call to action among those who are against genetic mutation and might make those with poor spelling feel threatened.
Starts off by explaining the difference between the street angle and the straight Anglo and ends up exploring inner consciousness, politics and the universe at large. Allow Tracey to introduce you to her world, where graffiti is the only appreciable art, where every holiday is a plot to subdue questioning the global military industrial complex, where Santa Claus is the lead indoctrinator of lies for war, and where marijuana is the only thing that could possibly save the planet.
Cop the book for a laugh and more importantly provocation of thought. I'll explain the validity of the philosophy and sentiment of F@#! the police and how she derived it from the likes of Gandhi, OG George Washington and Jesus -whatever his real name was, all in the first few pages. An intense hatred of copouts in the global military industrial complex promoting nuclear experimentation, all holidays, especially Chrsitmas and New Years, but only becasue she despises Santa Claus more than anything.
You will laugh, you will shiver in fear, you might cry, you might learn a thing or two about nuclear experimentation and you will never, ever go near cat shit again.