Friday, October 21, 2016

The Mudras For The Primary Chakra Centers

Revised February 20, 2016

Wholeness to everyone, you will find here the Ancient Mudras that are associated with each Chakra center. Do keep in mind most Adepts work with a 9 Center Chakra System. For those working with a 7 Chakra Center System don’t fret, simply adjust as all work done on the Mind, Body, and Soul can never be considered a waste.

Always remember your energy must cycle; do not fall into the temptation of remaining in one Chakra or another and always keep in mind the lower Chakras await the treasures you have discovered in the Higher Chakras, do not forsake them as so many have, they need you.
From the top down

Other ways of greatly enhancing results with these exercises is if you can accompany them with sacred sounds, Chakra frequencies or even mantras. Also visualizing the color of each Chakra or the various elements in nature with the same correspondent colors while doing these mudras and listening to the tunes will take you a long way, clearing the path for Kundalini activation.

As a disclaimer this is a platform created for those who seek the most expansive parts of the innerverse. Kundalini has its own guard, few activate and remain activated if they are not serious. The greatest dangers are the same as tapping in to any spiritual force with negative intentions and uncertainty. This is the danger of losing the weak mind to far more greater forces which causes an extreme state of imbalance and/or slight insanity. It should also be obvious that with no Pranic Cultivation one will experience little if anything of true self, likewise they remain subservient to the myriad of forces who have mastered their energies and technologies while preying on others who have not.